Object: M34 Star Cluster
Date: October 5, 2002
Equipment: TeleVue 101 at F/5.4, HX916 CCD, G11 mount, ST-4 autoguider
Exposure: RGB:   R=12x2.5min, G=12x2.5min, B=12x2.5min
Processing: Photoshop curves, no dark or flat frames applied
Comments: Slight dew on the objective towards the end of the exposure caused the blue channel to bloat. The dew also ruined the flat-frames for this image, as it went undetected until the end of the exposure.
Description: A star cluster in Perseus constellation. Over 100 stars belong to this cluster, with the brightest concentrated towards the center. M34 is 1,400 light years away from Earth and is estimated to be about 200 million years old. It spans approximately 14 light years. It is believed that M34 is part of a larger local group of star clusters that includes Pleiades

There's a small galaxy hiding in this image, designated UGC2175. Can you spot it? 
Click here to see where it is. This galaxy is of magnitude 15.2 and a little over 1 arcminute  in size

Copyright 2002 Paul Kanevsky