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Object: Merope star from the Pleiades Cluster, M45
Date: October 24, 2003
Equipment: TEC140 at F/7, HX916 CCD, G11 mount, ST-4 autoguider
Exposure: RGB 60:20:20 minutes
Processing: Photoshop
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The black-and-white version is available here
I used a long sub-exposure of 10 minutes which caused all the stars to loose their natural color. Next time, I might consider shorter sub-exposures...
Description: The Pleiades cluster consists of over 500 stars. The brightest 11 are visible to the naked eye. The cluster is passing through a molecular gas cloud at a speed of 6.8 miles/sec. The stars in the cluster illuminate the blue reflection nebula, which would otherwise remain invisible. The cluster is located at 380 light years from Earth. 

Copyright 2003 Paul Kanevsky