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Object: Flaming Star Nebula, IC405
Date: September 11 and 13, 2004
Equipment: TEC140 at F/5.6, ST10xme CCD, G11 mount
Exposure: (Ha)RGB (120):30:30:30 minutes. All binned 1x1
Processing: Dark, bias subtracted, no flats.
Comments: This image was acquired over a period of two nights. Some high-level clouds, resulting in average seeing of about 4.5 arc-seconds.
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Description: The star illuminating the center of this nebula is AE Aurigae. The two are not related and are traveling at different speeds. They just happen to be passing through each other, creating this photogenic scene. The direction of the AE Aurigae and its distance from Earth imply that it is a runaway star from the vast complex of the constellation of Orion. 

Copyright 2004 Paul Kanevsky