Object: Ring Nebula, M57
Date: June 2, 2002
Equipment: 10" SCT at F/10, HX916 CCD, G11 mount, ST-4 autoguider
Exposure: LRGB L=60min binned 1x1, RGB  = 20:20:20min, binned2x2
Processing: Photoshop, Lucy-Richardson deconvolution
Comments: Raw seeing averaged at 3"/pixel, 1.8" after L-R processing. Still need to work on guiding:  the ST-4 was often fooled by air turbulence. 
Description: The Ring Nebula is a planetary nebula, a shell of gas surrounding an exploded star in the constellation of Lyra. The nebula is at a distance of 2,300 light years away and is about 1 light year across (1.4' x 1.0). The nebula shell is expanding at about 30km/sec. Its central star is at magnitude 15.8.

Copyright 2001,02 Paul Kanevsky