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Object: Crescent Nebula, NGC 6888
Date: June 5, 2003
Equipment: FLT 110 at F/5.1, HX916 and IDAS LPS filter, ST-4, G11
Exposure: LRGB 80:60:40:40, L binned 1x1, RGB binned 2x2
Processing: Photoshop
Comments: Average seeing of 4.5"

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Description: The Crescent nebula is located in the constellation of Cygnus. It's about 4,000 light years away and spans the area of 15 by 10 light years. The nebula was created by its central star shedding its outer envelope at a rate of one solar mass every 10,000 years. This creates a strong stellar wind that's visible in the wave front compression at the edges of the nebula. 

Crescent is a part of a larger diffuse nebula IC1318 visible as dim red clouds around and below it in the picture.

Copyright 2003 Paul Kanevsky